Hi Friends, this is new and exciting and has been in the works for some time now. Catherine Vianale first e-mailed us about Winded in January of 2017. Here we are about 15 months later with the debut of Winded on Community Records. We are extremely excited to present to you the debut single “Swallowing Hair” with a premiere and recommendation from Catherine’s friend Tanner from the long running band ‘You Blew It’. Read about it and listen below:

“Winded is enchanting, plain and simple. Cast as the “quiet act” of any bill I’ve ever seen her on, she’s somehow always the standout act. Her dynamics and charm control the room, and it always seems effortless. Schwartz Goes to Heaven strikes me as the spot-on embodiment of that.”
– Tanner Jones (You Blew It!)

“Schwartz Goes to Heaven” is 7 blissful tracks of fuzzy blurry pop to be released
Friday June 22 on Community Records.

limited edition of 150

Winded played a phenomenal set at the
Community Records 10 Year Anniversary shows.
catch WINDED on tour here:
June 1- Savannah at El Rocko Lounge
June 2- Asheville
June 3- Richmond
June 4- Philly @ House Show
June 5- Brooklyn @ Gold Sounds
June 6- Rochester
June 8- Pittsburgh
June 9- Cincinatti @ The Hub
June 10- Nashville @ House Shoe
June 11- Birmingham @ The Fire House
June 13- Atlanta @ The Bakery

“Schwartz Goes to Heaven” was recorded in Tallahassee with David Settle at his house in October-November of 2017. It was mixed by John Ross in Brooklyn, NY. All songwriting and instruments were recorded by Thrin Vianale.
Band photo credit: Fedja Mihajlovic

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