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Something seem wrong with our site? Chances are, there probably is. We’ve worked very hard to get this baby in tip top shape for ya but we know things are far from perfect. Leave us a comment using the form below and let us know about any issues you see! Thanks again for all your help.

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35 Responses to Report a Website Bug

  1. Will Carter says:

    Your site smells. Like festering doo-doo.

  2. The Rooks and Murphy’s Kids albums don’t take you to the master download page with the download tally like the other releases do. DUH.

  3. Mike Land says:

    Reading through the MWFC bio (a narcissist, I know) and realized the write up on Jeffy is incorrect. Jeffy is our EP, recorded in Detroit with Matt’s brother. The recordings with Django are still being produced. This site is beautiful, though. Great job guys!
    -Mike, MWFC

  4. Greg Bernero says:

    The link to the Tusker album in Releases doesn’t actually go to the album

  5. Under releases, when you click on the Tusker release titled ‘Collection’ (not sure if this is correctly titled, either), it doesn’t take you to the release page for it, but instead some other weird page. Check it out.

  6. The Murphy’s Kids 3-song sampler doesn’t download. When you click the download link it takes you to a ‘page not found’ type thing.

    • Al (Web Guy) says:

      Alarmclockscreams, this was happening because you were being directed to an old version of the site that actually no longer exists. We built this new site from the ground up so you shouldn’t experience that issue any longer! Thanks for the heads up.

  7. On the Ejemplo release page, the tracks that are from Renegade Space Rock say ‘(2006)’ next to them, but they were released in 2007.

  8. On the player, Stuck Lucky is misspelled. It’s breaking my heart…

    • community says:

      We fixed this a while ago, but i just saw your comment about it. I hope there is some way we can mend that broken heart of yours! Thanks for letting us know about the misspelling.

  9. admin says:

    Guys, thanks so much for letting us know about these problems. D-ray, Greg or myself are going to get these bad boys knocked out as soon as possible & we’ll be sure to let you know as they’re fixed. Hope the site is treating you well otherwise!

  10. Todd says:

    Maddie Ruthless record “Hold The Phone” doesn’t work, says download does not exist.

  11. when you click the image that says “click image below to enter” above it on the main community records page, it doesn’t actually take you to the home page, but an error page on the CR site.

  12. Mike says:

    Hold The Phone won’t download 🙁

  13. The Murphy’s Kids 3-song sampler download still doesn’t work, and the Ejemplo years are still incorrect.

  14. ryan says:

    You can’t download Erin’s Runaway Imagination. When you click download, it says page can’t be found.

  15. Micah says:

    I’m a freak about keeping my iTunes organized, and I love downloading music off of this site. But when I download music the year it was released isn’t embedded into the files already, bedded already! also the track listing are messes up on someare messed up on some releases.

  16. Will says:

    On the Fatter Than Albert merch page the gold vinyl for “The Last Minute” is listed twice. The first one appears to be the regular one while the second one has the description for the “legalize it” shirt and the price is half the other one.

  17. yeah says:

    erin’s runaway imagination’s download isn’t working.

  18. Jonathan Crain says:

    I ordered the Caddywhompus tape deal about a month ago and still havent gotten them. did I preorder that way early or should it have shipped by now???

    • community says:

      We didn’t think the pre-orders were started too early! We ended up having some problems with the tape company and the holidays, so it just took wayyyy longer than expected. They should be in this week or next. We’ll e-mail everyone who ordered them once we get them. Sorry for the confusion and heartbreak!

  19. Jonathan Crain says:

    its all good! just making sure you hadn’t forgotten me.

  20. Micah says:

    When you click on the artists tab, then click on CADDYWHOMPUS’s artist page “Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.” appears.

  21. Brian says:

    trying to pre-order the new Best of the Worst record. i try to check out, and it brings me to a broken paypal link.

    do i HAVE to purchase with paypal? i want to use a debit card. what’s the deal on this? im super not trying to be a jerk, but dudes, seriously, i feel like making it paypal ONLY, creates a huge hassle and will impact album sales. i, for one, don’t want or need a paypal account. help me out here guys, im trying REALLY HARD to give ya’ll this five bucks!

    • community says:

      Hey Brian,

      Just saw this comment.
      Did you ever get that ordered?
      If you’d like to pay in cash, you can send it to us well concealed in an envelope with a nice note if you like.
      Unfortunately, right now PayPal is the only option, but we are in the process of updating a lot of the website.
      Thanks for your thoughts and patience!

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