Dates for:

all dates w/ Granddad
Thu, April 19 at J7J’s Pizza in Denton, TX
Fri, April 20 at 700 Pine in Little Rock, AR
Sat, April 21at Betty’s Grill in Nashville, TN
Sun, April 22 at Blockhouse Bar in Bloomington, IN
Mon, April 23 at SubT Downstairs in Chicago, IL
Tue, April 24 at Rock Room in Pittsburgh, PA
Wed, April 25 at Everybody Hits in Philadelphia, PA
Thu, April 26 at Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn, NY
Fri, April 27 at O’Brien’s Pub in Boston, MA
Sat, April 28 at L’webster in Washington D.C.
Sun, April 29 at Milestone in Charlotte, NC
Mon, April 30 at Bughouse in Jacksonville, FL
Tue, May 1 at Wolf’s Den in Tallahassee, FL
Wed, May 2 at Hey Cafe in New Orleans, LA
Thu, May 3 at TBA in Houston, TX
Fri, May 4 at Beerland in Austin, TX


NEW ORLEANS SHOWS for a listing of new orleans area shows


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