Record Labels:
Asian Man Records – friends / inspiration
Topshelf Records – Boston, MA / San Diego, CA
Quote Un-Quote Records – free downloads
Get Better Records – not for profit punk
TNS Records – ska-punk united kingdom

Blogs / Community Sites:
Nola DIY – new orleans D.I.Y. shows
Idle and the Bear – so many nice things to say
No More Fiction – mixed gender / queer / fun shows in new orleans
Trystereo – new orleans harm reduction / syringe distro
Community Print Shop – new orleans screenprinting resource from nice people

Record Stores:
Gravity Records – wilimngton, nc – records
Domino Sound Records – amazing tapes & vinyl in new orleans, la
Redscroll Records – wallingford, ct – vinyl & such

Screenprinting & visual art:
Leave Your Mark – jared xvx great dude
Otto Splotch – drew the dog logo & various compilation art
Justin Santora – amazing posters

Various friends:
Silver Sproket Bike Club – great people
New Orleans Bookfair – not just books
WTUL 91.5fm – new orleans -progressive radio
Hey Cafe – greg co-owns this new orleans coffee shop
Compassion Co. – organic, sweat shop free, usa made vegan apparel
Gulf Restoration Network – fighting to keep the gulf coast above water


would you like your link added? did we forget you?
please send us an e-mail: communityrecords (at) gmail . com

One Response to Links

  1. Chris Fusco says:

    Hey guys, my name is Chris. Over the summer I was faced with the hardship of combatting my second brain tumor along with Staph Infection and Meningitis. Two months were spent in the hospital, and I was fortunate enough to form a friendship with a nurse who made me realize that I need to start advocating for the betterment of the lives of those in similar situations to mine. Therefore, The Underweather project was born upon my discharge from the hospital. What is Underweather? well, its fairly simple: We’re an arts driven charity project seeking to raise funds for some programs near and dear to my heart. We’re currently doing so solely through benefit concerts, but I feel as if we’re ready to branch out (thus the start to this compilation.) What Im asking of you guys is to consider rallying support from bands on your label through the contribution of a song (already released or an exclusive for the comp.) and to spread word of what I’m doing through social networking, distribution of the CD at shows and perhaps the eventual wearing of Underweather apparel once thats all made up. Any support would be greatly appreciated, and if you’d like to ask around to other bands/labels dont hesitate! deadline for submissions is May 15th at the moment. Feel free to pose any questions as they arise

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