Community Records is excited to share the debut minimalist pop EP by Nova One based in Providence, RI. This is a new project from friend of the label Roz Raskin of Roz and the Rice Cakes! As Nova One on Secret Princess, Roz demonstrates a bold and sleekly diametric shift in aesthetic with which to frame her minimalist indie pop by sharing a cryptically bubble gum uniform and singular name with her three collaborators. Musically, Nova One offer a clear, dreamy guitar pop that finds a emotive darkness in their haunting vocal harmonies and contained candor. A pop sound that evokes Alvvay’s devotion to tried and true teeny bopperisms as well as the art pop minimalism of Brian Eno’s earliest solo works. A pleasingly dystopian rock’n’roll post-modernism that dismisses all normative codes in popular music, that have historically inhibited the archetypal “girl group” from seizing even more of its owed prestige in pop canon. Secret Princess offers an earworm indie pop tribute to the most enduring musical contributions, and works in continuity with the mod and post-punk movements. In each way Nova One gives you their futurist fantasy of even just one person feeling cool and playing pop to help in letting go and enjoying their work with us!

“Secret Princess” is out Friday, June 8th on Community Records via Vinyl LP and Digital.

Listen to the first single “your girl” on GoldFlakePaint HERE

Preorder a copy on pink or white vinyl or cassette HERE