Hikes is a band of friends formed in 2010 by Nathan Wilkins and Will Kauber. The two found in each other a kinship based around their shared tension between a youth spent playing in hardcore and metal bands and a recent move to Austin,Tx, where they were surrounded and inspired by the vibrant local scene of indie, folk-pop and electronic music. The duo began to forge their signature mix of heavy and soft styles by playing local shows and trading off between guitar and drums before finding in permanent drummer Chris Long and Colin Jenkins on Bass. The band has been on a dedicated journey to create the place in which they find themselves today.

Hikes has released 2 full length records, toured extensively nationally and internationally earning the band a dedicated following. Their forthcoming album Lilt was recorded with guitarist and producer Takaaki Mino (of the band Toe) in Tokyo while the band was touring Japan in 2016. The band has recently signed with New Orleans based Community Records to release Lilt on vinyl LP on June 9th 2017 with support in Europe by To Lose La Track and in Japan by Stiffslack. The band returns to Japan for tour with Fall of Troy (June 16th to 25th). That tour will be followed by additional touring of Europe and the United States.


Band photo: Jinni J