GLAND is a punk band from New Orleans, Louisiana. Their debut full length album ‘Neurotica‘ was released April 20 – 2016, Gland is: kallie van tassel, farra mones, switch, and jean trapezoid.

Their second release Gland – “Is A Conspiracy” is out June 2 – 2017 on vinyl, tape, and digital. The band will be on a U.S. tour in June with the new album.

Ever since seeing their shows around New Orleans, we have been over the moon about Gland and their captivating performances. We had the chance to travel around with them for their first 10 day tour and we are way stoked to be a part of their debut album.

“Is A Conspiracy” on bandcamp:

Baaba black sheep played / composed parts for their debut record “Neurotica”.

Single “Cram It” via Noisey – HERE