A wall of guitar amps weaved together by Sean Hart’s polyrhythmic drum patterns provide the perfect nesting ground for Chris Rehm’s voice. This duo have been playing together since middle school, and have been crafting abstract pop-tunes under the binomen of Caddywhompus since 2008. On November 11th 2014, they will release the best representation to date of their sonation and calls —a warped collection of highly evolved tunes aptly titled, “Feathering a Nest” on New Orleans’ based Community Records. This record has imbedded the chaotic energy of their live set to vinyl as if it was cut on a lathe by their own fingernails. Their live show has been taken on the road for a handful of international performances and hundreds of U.S. tour dates.

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Singer / guitarist has solo stuff under his name chris rehm – dope.

Mailorder Caddywhompus – Vinyl & Tape “Feathering A Nest”

Mailorder Caddywhompus – Vinyl “The Weight”


Caddywhompus - Company from Caddywhompus on Vimeo.