Community Records stalwarts Stuck Lucky are back with a new, self-titled album of dire, danceable skacore! “Stuck Lucky” manifests as a continuation of the work of arranging ska’s positive philosophies and uniting accessibility in the some of the most aggressive punk rock available, as seen in the works of icons Operation Ivy, Suicide Machines and Stuck Lucky’s previous Community releases. Contrasting with The Flaming Tsunamis’ radicalized metal weirdness, Stuck draws from anarcho-crust influences and applies clean and growling vocals meaningfully to make their skacore interpretively mimetic of the authoritarian grime that universally degrades and the resulting dystopian status quo. Always at their most honed in the present, Stuck Lucky, on “Stuck Lucky”, expresses a profound social damage in its thrashing, depraved hardcore character but cautiously offers hope that most straightforward hardcore bands don’t through positive, liberative lyrical themes and ska’s iconically cheerful capacity. Whether you already know or are now coming to appreciate ska punk, this may well be 2016’s most vicious statement of the genre’s resilience!

Their newest record Stuck Lucky – “S/T” is available for mail-order now on cassette or CD.

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