release #025
released August 7th. 2012 (Ryan & Bryan’s Birthday)

Rocksteady / Ska / Reggae sounds with folk vibes & progress in mind. This group formulated in a unique way. The EP was recorded by 3 close friends across state lines. Tim in Texas, Ryan in Seattle, & Bryan in Colorado it’s incredible that they were able to hold such a tight groove with out ever stepping foot in the same practice space, none the less the same state in order to create this record. The band had one performance thus far at the “Block Party 2012 Pre-Show”. So beyond that back yard in that neighborhood of uptown New Orleans, YOU are the first fine souls that are hearing the tunes created by these SONS OF ODIN. Free download link to your top right.

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“Success” is on Community Records Compilation Vol. 3 HERE

Sons of Odin Is:

Tim Harman – Drums
Bryan Leavelle – Guitar, Vocals, Fake Keyboards
Ryan Leavelle – Bass
All songs written and lyrics written by Sons of Odin
Art work by Kassandra Leavelle
– view a larger version HERE
Drums recorded by Brent Olechna at Panhandle House Studios (in Denton, TX)
Bass by Ryan Leavelle (in Seattle, WA) recorded at BOYS IN SPACE COLLECTIVE by Eddis and Jack Newman
Guitar, vocals, and fake keys recorded by Bryan Leavelle all alone in his room (in Denver, CO).
All songs mixed and mastered by Bryan Leavelle. All this made possible by the internet.
Thanks to everyone who downloaded this for continuing to support our free music. We couldn’t not make any money without you, and couldn’t be any happier to do it for you. In this day and age, we have to do what we love after the work day is over, because creativity loses value with every “like” on Walmart’s Facebook page. Keep up the good fight, and stay strong.


So hard we try to see what we want to see,
We’d rather die than gain these abilities.
We lie and lie about pretty much everything,
We tell ourselves we want to be who they want us to be,
But no one ever says if you swim with the tide,
You might go unnoticed till the day you die,
And no one likes to say if you go with the grain,
That’s enough to drive a man insane.
But I can’t sell my songs, so I must be doing it wrong.
They’d have you go to school to brighten your future,
But when the jobs run out,
You’re worse off than you were before.
What a fucking joke, to say that there’s one way to succeed,
When the world is full of so many opportunities.
Oh, this world tries pit us against each other.
They have us biting, scratching, kicking the legs of our brothers.
But I refuse to play a long and call myself a failure,
So I’ll just keep on moving, you gotta keep on moving forward.
My fingers bleed as I try to finish this song,
But I can’t stop now, and I won’t stop until it’s done,
Cause it’s what I love, I can’t control inspiration,
And as this song ends now, I’m full of satisfaction.

Kiss me, baby, cause I won’t be home tomorrow.
Kiss me, baby, one last time, help me forget my sorrow.
My pain, when I’m lying here in bed, wide awake
From the shame of working hard for people who don’t appreciate.
And every day I have to act like someone that I’m not,
But when I think of you, it’s what gets me through.
Kiss me, baby, cause I won’t be home tomorrow.
Kiss me, baby, one last time, help me forget my sorrow.
My pain, when I see them preaching lies to the congregation,
And the shame that I feel when I help them do this across the nation.
Every day I justify by saying it’s just a paycheck,
But that’s just not true.
I’m guilty too.

You said we shouldn’t be scared of things in this world,
So why the hell did you create us with this fear of the unknown?
To make it hard?
You say you know our hearts, but we don’t know you.
You won’t let us know you.

Scares us away.

We scream and shout, you drown us out,
I don’t think this is what they meant by representation.
We’ve been held down, and pushed around.
How long till we stand up and take back our nation?
One man one song can’t change the world.
We need everyone or this ain’t gonna happen.
No, it won’t, when those in charge of it have run amok.
How can you ignore the cries of the poor,
And fight tooth and nail to protect corporations?
I’m not naive, I wish I believed
That my vote really mattered more than campaign contributions.

I’ve been thinking about you lately.
Don’t know why, but you’ve been on my mind.
All the good times we had
Make the bad times fade out of my mind,
Oh, the things that you taught me about being a man,

Would you care if these were your children?
No regrets, no morals, no reasons,
Just suffering and pain.
We will drown in the rain.
You joined the fight for your own reasons.
My support will hang on your action,
So just be safe over there,
And don’t expect us all to care.
Yellow ribbons wrap round your family,
Yellow ribbons wrap round your church,
Yellow ribbons wrap round the wound, but it still hurts.
Can we stay for another decade?
Can justice exist in this wretched excuse for a holy war?
We don’t even hide it anymore.
The elephant in the corner is rotting.
Its flesh reeks of lies and corruption, and it won’t go away.
We’ll have to clean it up someday.

The people know, they see it coming.
They are preparing for the worst.
They have a thought, they have a feeling.
Barely finishing the first verse.

This is a struggle, it’s far from over.
We can’t even begin to describe
The depth of our flaws, or any solutions.
We’re running out of time.
We must evolve for the sake of our children.
Slow down, we’re running out of time.

Some are sent to die,
Some sent to the moon.
I hope we send more of the latter,
I hope that time comes soon.
Time is spent on useless things,
Time itself is useless.
It serves a god that’s not my own,
And provides no reasons for it.
Ticking countless times,
Ticking every second,
All over this God damn world it ticks,
Torturous and relentless.
The hours spent making iPhones,
Or sleeping in the dirt,
The hours spent dazed and confused,
Doped-up to dull the hurt.
Tick tock, I’m about to throw this clock
Against the wall.
I wanna wake up when I’m rested,
I wanna sleep when night time falls.
Oh, this shit is gonna drive me up the wall.


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