release # 009
release date: 02.18.2010

The first solo album from A Billion Ernies’ frontman Ryan Leavelle is explosive to say the least. Ryan really lets loose on this one and speaks his mind on a lot of subjects that mean a lot to him. Everything from doomsday predictions and guilt-free religion to helping out others around the world and Informant covers. If you’re a fan of folk-punk, melodic vocal harmonies, and catchy hooks, this is your one stop shop.

Track List:
(ones in bold on five song free sampler)
1. Human Race
2. Success
3. Friends
4. Cheap
5. Do Your Part
6. Run, Dammit!
7. At The Time of Death (Prayana-kale)
8. Mleebo’s Song
9. Thank You
10. Distance
11. Sorry Excuse For A Christian
12. Athiest (only available with pre-order)


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