release # 013
release date: 04.20.2001

On Wed. April 20th, 2011 (one year after the gulf coast oil spill), Community Records has released a benefit compilation to help create awareness and progress in the wake of the BP drilling disaster. For the compilation, Community Records has aligned with three different independent record labels from across the United States who will be submitting songs: Asian Man Records in CA, Plan-It-X Records in IN, and Quote Unquote Records in NY. The compilation will have over 60 songs and will include literature, movies, and other media about the spill.
The compilation will be available is 100% FREE download on CommunityRecords.org with the option of donating money to the Gulf Restoration Network. The GRN has played an active role in keeping the ecosystem of the gulf coast in tact for over 15 years. Head Above Water will only be released as a digital download to avoid the use of new plastics as well as gasoline to ship them across the country.
Community Records is a 100% D.I.Y. Independent record label based out of New Orleans representing over 20 artists all over the world. The label is strongly based on free digital downloads as well as uniquely packaged vinyl and other merchandise. Community Records artists tour the U.S. constantly and many have toured Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Dominican Republic. Every year since 2008, they have put on an all day, 2 stage punk and ska music festival in the streets of New Orleans called Block Party.

TRACK LIST: (previously un-released**)
01 A Billion Ernies – Lucky You **
02 Dan Potthast – Eat The Planet
03 Laura Stevenson – Landslide Song/The Dig
04 Caddywhompus – Let The Water Hit The Floor
05 Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It
06 Mike Park – Rise Up **
07 Small Bones – Deep Water Event Horizon
08 Spraynard – Ah Gun
09 The Lollies – I AM A MALCONTENT **
10 Mustard Plug – Blame Yourself **
11 Stuck Lucky – Come As You Like **
12 Thou – Bonnet Carre
13 The Flaming Tsunamis – Vines
14 Brunt Of It – Soility
15 We Are The Union – Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic
16 Sun Hotel – Palms
17 The Wild – Set Ourselves Free
18 Onsind – Heterosexuality is a construct
19 Imperial Can – Sometimes A Fuck You Is Called For
20 Eric Rodrigue – Blowout on The Macondo **
21 The Taxpayers- Everything Is Awful
22 Bomb The Music Industry – Sleep Thru Monday **
23 Informant – To Process At Normal Speed
24 Murphy’s Kids – A Story
25 The Best Of The Worst – Blood Drive Pride
26 Pericles – Black Coast Economics **
27 Lenin/McCarthy – CBS
28 Matt Wixson – Oh Starcia
29 The Forthrights w/ Maddie Ruthless – Jaguar Queen
30 Mad Conductor – Parthenon
31 Big, Fat & Delicious – Don’t Trust The Dealer
32 Marathon – Pete’s Driving This Tank **
33 Lycka Till – No Ambition
34 Sonic Boom Six – Nine Stitches **
35 Womb Envy – The Burden **
36 Bryan Leavelle – Water **


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