Each Other (radness from canada) + Caddywhompus @ Hey Cafe

(album cover above) EACH OTHERtraces to nowhere split w/ sit still

This past Thursday May 24th 2012, we at the hey cafe had the privilege of hosting a two band show with Caddywhompus & Each Other. I had an incredible time & it seems as if a number of other people shared that positive experience. The two band all ages lots of friends low key event & my place of business made me feel right at home.

I can honestly say that EACH OTHER was one of the better bands I have seen this year. The Canadian 3 piece (dual guitar w/ vocals & drums) blended intricate guitar melodies, vocal harmonies, and unique drum patterns to formulate a sound that was easy to enjoy & appreciate. The drummer also made great use of a roland space echo which made it all the more interesting to experience. I am pretty sure they are on their way around the United States still, so please catch them if you can. Also, they were nice people (the ultimate icing on the cake to appreciating a group of musicians). Support them. facecool page is here.

Pics from the caddywhompus set thursday evening. They threw down per usual. Drums were tattered.

Thanks for checking this out y’all. Hope today is bringing you tons of happiness.


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