POPE featured on Impose Magazine!
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“Talk Me Out of It” is the first of two singles off True Talent Champion that ponders making better life decisions with some of the most perfect batch of blazing guitars. In fact, Pope’s “Talk Me Out of It” is one of the best scuzz singles to arrive in the new autumn season that blends harmonies seamlessly with softly sung expression that extend from the heart. “David Caspian” rages with power pop perfection that illustrates artifices afforded by 90s ripped denim affinities. Incorporating synths amid a maelstrom of skronk-spitting guitars; Pope keeps everything riding keenly on all rhythmic rails where the meanest ripping guitars are still executed with a sense of tidy neatness & more.” – Sjimon Gompers

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LP: https://tinyurl.com/popepreorder

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