Music Is Everything We Do. – Keep live music as the heartbeat of our city.

A place to organize efforts to keep live music as the heartbeat of New Orleans.

We started a web-site to help garner attention to our fliering proposal

We went to the meeting at Kermit Ruffin’s place today. There were about 125 people or so in attendance. There were musicians, venue owners, music fans, members of the press, and legal professionals that were all looking to create change in regards to live music & live music permits in New Orleans. There was one representative from the Mayor’s office there, but that is not enough to get this pushed through. We must all make our voices heard and we must state clearly that we want a streamlined way to obtain and keep live music permits in our city. Without heavy fines on long running music establishments in our city.

On our end, we are still pushing to get a modification on the fliering laws here. We obtained about 70 signatures with e-mails and phone numbers. We are meeting with some of the higher profile venues in town soon to hopefully get them on board with our proposal.

Here are some other groups to check out in regards to these issues.



Above: Photo from the meeting today.

The people are ready. We demand more respect for live music, street musicians, and an opportunity to make music our livelihood.

Thanks for reading. Stay positive. Stay vocal.

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