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Hello Friends,

Sooooooo….. about a year and a half ago, I descided I wanted to play guitar for this new band we were starting called ALL PEOPLE. I gave it a go for about 6 months before finding out that Mr. Ryan Leavelle was making efforts to move to our home town New Orleans. Knowing that A) I love playing bass, B) Ryan is an excellent guitar player, and C) Ryan was willing to join the band. I gave up my ambition to play guitar and picked up the dub machine known as bass once again.

If you would like to purchase any of this guitar equipment, it’s now for sale on E-Bay. There is basically only 6 days left on most of these autions. The money from this is going into helping us to purchase a Community Records Diesel engine van that can run on VEGGIE OIL.

Help us raise money to tour in a sustainable fashion & purchase some rad sounding guitar equipment all at once.

  • MARSHALL JCM 800 LEAD SERIES 100w HEADhere ($1,300)
  • MARSHALL JCM 800 LEAD SERIES 4×12 CABINEThere ($375)
Thanks for checking this out, if you know anyone looking for solid guitar equipment, let them know please.
Have a great day friends. <3
The show last night at hey cafe totally ruled, thanks for coming by.
Peace always.


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