Keepin’ Up With the Jonzee

The last few days have been INCREDIBLE!

Thanks so much to everyone who has given us input on the site and taken advantage of the sweet FREE SHIPPING deal going on right now. You’ve only got until tomorrow, Oct. 20th, to get ANYTHING shipped to you for FREE! However, you’ve got forever to download all our awesome FREE MUSIC, but why wait?

Along with getting the new site and download day launched just in the nick of time, we’ve been chillin’ hard with Stuck Lucky’s resident tall boy, Jonzee, and his lovely girlfriend, Nicky.

Last night, we buds indulged our taste buds with pizza and brews at an awesome local pizza joint, Reginelli’s. Then we made a pilgrimage to the chime tree in City park, which is this huge oak tree with varying sizes of wind chimes hanging from it, tuned to the Pentatonic Scale. If you’re ever in New Orleans, you gotta go check it out. Last night was the windiest night of the year so far, so it was quite the symphony.

While we were there, we also commandeered a pelican paddle boat that had washed up on the bank of the pond. However, the wind was blowing it into the bank so forcefully, we couldn’t really get anywhere. We tired ourselves out climbing trees, wrestling in the grass, and laughing til it hurt to breathe…then we went back to our place and laughed some more.

Take advantage of the time you have with your friends! Don’t spend your free time sitting at home watching TV or playing video games. Call up your friends! Go ride a bike or climb a tree. There is no shame in acting like children.

Thanks for your support, friends.

Here are some more pictures:

The wind chime below is the biggest. The chimes are about 6 feet long.

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