Kassandra & Ryan Leavelle Move to New Orleans

This past friday we threw a welcoming party / show for Ryan Leavelle (guitar / vocals for a billion ernies, see you in mexico, & such) & his lovely wife Kassandra who have just made the big move from Seattle, WA to New Orleans, LA. We couldn’t be happier & luckier to have them here hanging out with us, playing music, & generally spreading the positivity needed to start a movement. We had the throwdown at Rob Landry’s practice space that exists in one of the oldest houses I’ve ever stepped foot in. It happens to be the practice space for all 6 of Rob’s bands which include THE ROOKS & ALL PEOPLE. The show included: High In One Eye, The Rooks, Dominique LeJeune, & See You In Mexico.

The Barryfest friends were there enjoying the good times. They took some pictures of the evening & posted them on their site.

Take a look here:





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