Thanks to Independent Clauses

Stephen who writes for the blog INDEPENDENT CLAUSES, has been so kind to do an in depth review of our recently released. Community Records Compilation VOl.3. You can read that HERE. Please support his efforts to spread the word about heartfelt & honest music. Anywhoooo….

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

But what’s even better than a great comp is a great comp from a high-quality label. If that label is a homegrown, upstart indie, all the better! And Community Records (no, really, that’s the awesome name) has released just such a disc with their Compilation Volume 3: Old Dog, New Tricks. The album showcases 26 (!) bands associated with the New Orleans-based label; a footnote states, “Download free music from all of these bands on our web-site.” (That’s prolific!)


You can mail order compilation vol. 3 HERE 

Have a great day Y’all.



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