Gland Tour Diary / Antigravity Magazine

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” They’ve only been around for about a year, but Gland has already made some heavy waves in New Orleans and beyond. Originally formed as a two-piece with Kallie Van Tassel on guitar/vocals and Farra Mones on bass, Gland has since taken on ex-Turboslut drummer Jean Trapezoid and Baaba Blacksheep on Omnichord and vocals. Together, they make quite the racket, reminiscent of early Lookout! Records bands like Jack Acid or Good Grief, followed by an enveloping haze that could either be witchcraft or weed smoke. Gland recently embarked on a Southern/Midwest tour, bringing their coven to venues small and large, and travelling in the Community Records veggie oil van, which roadie-driver Greg Rodrigue told ANTIGRAVITY tops out at about 55 miles-per-hour. We asked Gland to document their voyage, and Farra was kind enough to oblige. “


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