“if you haven’t been paying attention thus far, Gland doesn’t give a shit what you think and who you are, they have their own plans, so try not to be a prick. After last year’s fiery garage punk debut, Neurotica, the New Orleans quartet are back with Is A Conspiracy, another vibrant collection of hyper-agitated, raw, lo-fi punk. Gland’s love for minimalist post-punk and garage rock sparsity leaves plenty of room for the band to get their message across, railing against society’s pre-determined norms. Themes on the importance of self-love (“The Velvet Glove of Self Love”) and the freedom to do what you find significant (“Dropout”), Is A Conspiracy is a riotous celebration of the ability to be yourself at all costs.” – Dan Goldin – Post-Trash

Stream the full album – HERE

Preorder Vinyl or Tape – HERE

Album release show Saturday in New Orleans – HERE

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