coffee cup!

Now available for mailorder $6 – HERE

Coffee is the fuel that keeps us going on those long beautiful days of staying the “office” (our bedrooms) making internet posts, making phone calls, and writing new music. This coffee cup is THE OFFICIAL coffee cup of our dreams. Representing an endless pot of energy and ambition to conquer the demons that hold back unfiltered self-expression and positivity. That dog logo is pretty cute too.

The back of the cup reads: “ONE CUP AT A TIME WITH OTHERS IN MIND”

This coffee cup comes with one bag of our favorite tea too PG TIPS. We’re sorry the shipping is expensive. It comes in a heavy duty box. The coffee cup will be wrapped in newspaper and bubble wrap as to insure a safe delivery to your door step. Hense: expensive shipping. Thanks for your support.

Read up about purchasing fair trade coffee here.



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