We’re back! Mailorder Mixtape Deal Extended

Free mixtapes with the next 15 mailorders!

The lights are back on over here at communityrecords.org. Our main man Alex Hertz has gotten this baby working again. While dusting off the site we got some ideas for improvement, so hopefully you will see a more fully functional easy to use web-store soon. We will keep you posted.

We still have 8 new albums for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE for download day 6, they will stay available for free as long as we exist.

We are also EXTENDING the mail-order deal for the “25 songs that keep us inspired” mixtape. We still have about 15 mixtapes left, so be one of the next 15 people to order ANYTHING from us and get the mixtape pictured below, it includes handmade art, and 25 of our favorite songs as a mix of community records bands & our favorite jams that have keep the positivity moving around here.

Thanks for being here! Peace.

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